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Moles can appear anywhere on your skin, alone or in groups. They are usually in brown to near black in colour, but it can range from pinkish flesh, dark blue, or black. Moles can be round, flat or raised and are in various sizes.

Everyone has at least a few moles on their body. Before a person is born the moles on their skin are probably determined. During the first 20 years of a person's life moles appears like freckles. Due to changes in the hormone level that occurs during puberty and pregnancy it can make the appearance of moles larger and darker. Moles have a life span of 50 years before it begins to fade. Some moles disappear completely; some becomes lighter in colours and others that have developed stalk just drops off.

The numbers of moles depends on our genes. No studies have found why we get moles. There are no effective ways to control moles. Sun exposures are said to be the cause of mole developing on our skin. Rarely are moles cancerous. If you are concern go to a specialist to have it checked out.

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