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Mole Removal

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Moles are harmless and can be safely left alone, but moles removal can be done under the following conditions:
  • If your moles develops into malignant melanoma. This kind of mole has the potential to form skin cancer. And if not remove it can be fatal. Melanoma is usually inherited. Their sizes are bigger than a pencil eraser, and the shape and pigmentation are irregular.

  • When a mole is a nuisance. This is where are moles irritated by the clothing you wear, when you comb your hair or when you use a razor to shave.

  • Other reason is cosmetic reasons.
Treating a mole for cosmetic reasons is a simple procedure usually covered by insurance. This procedure should be carry out by a specialist. The mole is removed by first numbing the skin of where the mole is located. Then the mole is removed with a scissors or a scalpel. The wound is then left to heal to leave a flat scar. If a complete destruction of a mole is required, removing of the full thickness of the skin is necessary. A scar may be very noticeable is the result.

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